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Congratulations to Kateline Peck, winner of the 2017 John Wilson Memorial Scholarship!


John Wilson Memorial Scholarship

John Wilson Memorial Scholarship 2016 Application

Established October 1997 
By the Ashtabula Soil and Water 
Conservation District and the 
John F. Wilson Family

Promote the philosophy of natural 
resource management and positive stewardship toward our 
Environment into the future. 

Scholarship Application

In order to qualify for the scholarship, the applicant must follow all instructions completely. Scholarship Application for one (1) year. College enrollment beginning Fall

Name in full: _____________________________________________________________ 
                            Last                                First                               Middle

Current Address

Number & Street 

City                      State                          Zip

Phone: (______ )

Include the following with the application:

A resume’ addressing the following points

Work experiences,
Career plans, Community Services, School Activities, Future educational objectives, Why you are interested in Natural Resources.

Current college financing plans - An official transcript of grades - A letter of recommendation from high school college or university advisor or instructor.

 Applications must be received or postmarked By April 14, 2017

Applicant’s Signature: _____________________________ Date: ___________________


The John F. Wilson Memorial Scholarship Fund is established to provide financial assistance to students seeking to enter college and pursue a course of study in a natural resource field in the memory of John F. Wilson.

John F. Wilson served as the first District Conservationist for the Ashtabula Soil and Water Conservation District after being established in 1949. John dedicated twenty-eight years of his life to assisting the agricultural and urban communities with their conservation needs until his retirement in 1978.

Scholarship Awards…

The Ashtabula Soil and Water Conservation District will annually award $500 scholarships to high school graduates pursuing or college students majoring in a natural resource field. Scholarships are for one year. Candidates will be evaluated on academic achievement, involvement in community activities and course of study.

Eligibility...                                                              Evaluation

Scholarship Applicants must:                Evaluation of applicants will be based on:

1. Be a resident of Ashtabula County,         1. Academic Performance;
    State of Ohio;                                      2. Origanizational participation and
2. Applicant must have a cumulative                leadership potential;
    high school grade point average            3. Community Service;
    of 3.00 or better. College applicants       4. Financial plans and resources;         must be maintaining 3.00 grade            5. Completeness of application and
point average.                                     6. Natural Resource course of study.
3. Plan to major or currently be enrolled
    in a college, university or technical
    school which grants two or
    degrees in a natural resource course
    of study.
4. Be able to explain current college financing and need.

Please send completed application form, resume’, a letter of recommendation and your official school transcripts to : 

John F. Wilson Scholarship Fund 
C/O Ashtabula Soil and Water Conservation District 
39 Wall Street 
Jefferson, Ohio 44047